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Conservation Action Forums

Identifying shared priority actions to help maintain overall ecological functions by conservation neighbourhood.

Conservation Neighbourhoods

Years ago, we began to conceptualize a new way of thinking about our region. Rather than working with jurisdictional boundaries, we reframed the map and created sub-regions that include social, ecological or conservation-driven criteria.

These sub-regions became known as conservation neighbourhoods, and enabled our partners to view land stewardship collaborations through a new lens.

The Forums

Conservation Action Forums bring partners from a conservation neighbourhood together to learn about their specific landscape and collaboratively develop a set of shared action priorities. In partnership with a local partner, these forums are an opportunity to share insights from leading scientists and other knowledge keepers.

Real Progress

Since 2017 we have facilitated Conservation Action Forums eight conservation neighbourhoods. TBD – wait for updated stats.

Summary Reports

Our forum reports include guiding questions, desired outcomes, values threats, and priority actions for each participating conservation neighbourhood.

Conservation Action Forums are just one of our many initiatives. Learn how else we support conservation in the Kootenays.

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