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Focal Area

Columbia Valley Wetlands

One of the largest intact wetland complexes in Canada, an international Ramsar site recognized by the United Nations.


Columbia Valley Wetlands is a 180-km long stretch of wetlands within the Rocky Mountain Trench, from Donald at the north end to Canal Flats in the south. Much of the Columbia Wetlands is encompassed within the Columbia Wetlands Wildlife Management area, with a mix of private and federal lands managed as national wildlife areas. This wetland separates the Rocky and Purcell Mountains across much of the northern portion of the valley, from the US border up through Golden, BC.

Kootenay Connect Partners

The lead organization in the Columbia Valley Wetlands focal area is the Columbia Wetlands Stewardship Partners. This non-profit partnership includes over 30 organizations dedicated to working with all levels of government, community groups, and the public to implement a shared stewardship model for the management of the upper Columbia River and adjacent Columbia Wetlands.


Columbia Valley Wetlands is just one of Kootenay Connect’s seven focal areas. Learn more about the other areas.

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