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Kootenay Connect: Species at Risk

A multi-species, habitat-based approach to provide for the needs of species at risk, and assist their recovery.

Taking Action For Species At Risk

By definition, species at risk (SAR) are in danger of extirpation or of disappearing from our landscapes. Given that some plants, wildlife, fish, and other organisms in the Kootenays are facing problems caused by human activities that degrade and/or fragment habitat, conservation and compensatory actions are needed to reduce and reverse impacts to species at risk to enhance population sustainability.

On-The-Ground Change

Currently, Kootenay Connect’s habitat enhancement and restoration work focuses on benefiting 34 federally-listed species at risk such as American Badger, Grizzly Bear, Lewis’s Woodpecker, Northern Leopard Frog, Little Brown Bat, Northern Myotis Bat, and Western Painted Turtle. Given the rich natural heritage of wildlife in the region, our work is also benefitting over 40 species of special concern and local interest such as American Beaver, Bighorn Sheep, Great Blue Heron, Kokanee, Mountain Goat, Osprey, Rocky Mountain Elk, and Western Toad.

Through Kootenay Connect, on-the-ground projects delivered by our partners are:

  • 1
    Improving habitat quality, security, reproductive capacity, survival, and recruitment within and between individual SAR populations;
  • 2
    Improving key ecosystems by enhancing and restoring wetland and floodplain hydrologic connectivity and maintaining open dry forest-grassland conditions;
  • 3
    Improving habitat connectivity for a wide variety of species representing many biological guilds; and

Species At Risk Projects

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