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Wycliffe Wildlife Corridor

A grassland-open forest corridor between Kimberley and Cranbrook, BC.


Wycliffe Wildlife Corridor is a grassland-open forest corridor with scattered wetlands and riparian areas. This corridor includes Luke Creek Wildlife Corridor and Pine Butte Ranch Conservation Area, in addition to Teck Cominco lands and working ranches. The Wycliffe Wildlife Corridor is part of the Ponderosa Pine Biogeoclimatic Zone that supports a mosaic of plant communities with biological richness and rarity, as well as significant populations of rare and endangered species. The montane grassland component of this corridor provides some different habitat associations than the other riparian-wetland corridors within the Kootenay Connect Focal Areas. However, there are scattered riparian areas on smaller creeks as well as the St. Mary’s River that support songbirds, reptiles and amphibians. Currently there are private conservation lands owned and managed by The Nature Conservancy of BC, Nature Trust of BC, and Ministry of Water, Land and Resource Stewardship that form the Wycliffe Conservation Complex.

Kootenay Connect Partners

The lead organizations in the Wycliffe Wildlife Corridor focal area are the Nature Conservancy of Canada and The Nature Trust of BC. Other project partners include: Rocky Mountain Trench Natural Resources Society, Rocky Mountain Trench Ecosystem Restoration Program, ʔaq̓am, Ministry of Water, Land and Resource Stewardship, and Fish and Wildlife Compensation Program.


Wycliffe Wildlife Corridor is just one of Kootenay Connect’s seven focal areas. Learn more about the other areas.

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