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Our Coordinating Role

Land Conservation Coordination

Working together to conserve ecologically-significant land across the Kootenays.

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Land Conservation

Within our partnership, the termland conservation’ refers to the acquisition or long-term protection of private lands for conservation purposes—also known as land securement.

The two main conservation tools used to conserve land are fee simple acquisition and covenants, both of which protect conservation values on a property for generations to come.

Beyond conservation values, these lands may also protect other values such as First Nations’ cultural or heritage sites, and certain types of recreation use.

Our Role

Many of our partners are actively involved in land conservation projects. Using a whole landscape approach, our role is to increase the effectiveness, collaboration and coordination of private land conservation across the Kootenays.

How do we do this?

Securement Committee

Our Securement Committee is a confidential team of partners from land trusts active across the region, as well as other key organizations involved in landscape-level land acquisition for conservation. This includes representatives from the provincial government, First Nations, Canadian Wildlife Service, and Fish and Wildlife Compensation Program. The goal of the Securement Committee is to serve as a forum for the discussion, prioritization, and securement of ecologically-significant properties in the Kootenays.

Property Evaluations

To ensure the most ecologically-significant properties are secured for perpetuity, we evaluate and rank properties in our service area based on a set of biological criteria. This process supports decision-making across the partnership and helps to set landscape-level priorities for land acquisition in the Kootenays.

Priorities are based on:

  • Presence of habitat, species at risk, or ungulate winter range

  • Property size

  • Urgency of conservation threats
  • Contribution to ecological corridors and climate refugia

Fielding Public Inquiries

We are not a land trust, nor do we hold or acquire properties or covenants. However, we are more than happy to field inquiries about conservation-related donations, covenants, and private land sales. If you have a question about land conservation, or are interested in donating an ecologically-significant property—contact us.

Funding Opportunities

Our partners work hard to secure funding for land conservation projects. To extend their efforts, we are always on the lookout for funding opportunities. As well, through Local Conservation Funds, we are helping to build financial tools that strengthen our collective ability to conserve regional neighbourhoods.

Photo credit: Marcy Mahr

Increasing Landscape Connectivity

Landscape connectivity is integral in its importance in wildlife movement, reducing habitat fragmentation, and climate adaptation. For decades, land trusts have been working with us in a coordinated approach to acquire key private lands that help connect landscapes in important ecological corridors

Coordinating land conservation amongst our partnership is just one of the ways we support conservation across the Kootenays.

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