Our Resources

Our partners have a wealth of information and expertise to share.

Our Publications

From our latest strategic priorities to report-outs from Conservation Action Forums, this is the best place to check-in on what we’ve done and what we plan to do.

Kootenay Connect

Our partners work under framework of Kootenay Connect to deliver on-the-ground projects in a number of ecological corridors across the Kootenay region. From beavers to grizzly bears, wetlands to grasslands—our yearly highlight reports offer a detailed look into past to present progress.

Winter Webinar Recordings

Our winter webinar series facilitates the sharing of technical resources among partners and others. One-hour webinars are stacked with leading research, dialogue and expert insights. This mini library of past recordings is for those unable to attend, and the dedicated folks who like to watch reruns.

Stewardship Solutions Toolkit

A one-stop shop for private landowners and land managers keen to become better land stewards. Wildlife conflict, invasive species, habitat enhancement, FireSmart, Environmental Farm Plans, funding opportunities, and more—with resources tailored for each conservation neighbourhood.

Conservation Ambassador Training: Resources

Our Conservation Ambassador Training is a series of online training modules that focus on the practical side of land and water stewardship. Designed for stewardship practitioners, these modules cover a range of stewardship topics, including how to engage with landowners when working on or near their land.