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Our Coordinating Role

Stewardship Coordination

A connection point for stewardship activities across the Kootenays.

The Local Conservation Fund supports osprey nesting

The Stewardship Ethic

Stewardship is an ethic that embodies a responsible relationship with the natural environment. It promotes the conservation of biodiversity, habitats, and ecosystems through sustainable land and water practices.

Grassland restoration, forest health, invasive species control, species at risk management, wetland construction and restoration—these are just a few examples of stewardship projects taking place throughout the region.

Stewardship activities protect vulnerable native species, increase ecosystem services, and promote healthy natural habitats, which in turn, can help to sustain healthy human communities too.

Our Role

Our partners are involved in a range of stewardship projects across the Kootenays. Using a whole landscape approach, our role is to increase the effectiveness and coordination of present and future stewardship activities.

How Do We Do This?


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Stewardship Committees

Engaging, educational, and inspiring— our Stewardship Committee meetings support partners to identify ways to collaborate on stewardship activities. We facilitate two Stewardship Committees—one in the East Kootenay and one in the West Kootenay—that often includes a field tour to showcase partners’ stewardship projects.

Conservation Neighbourhoods

Across the Kootenays, we bring our partners together in conservation neighbourhoods to identify conservation targets and high priority actions for each region.

Landowner Outreach Coordination

Although we are not directly involved in landowner outreach, we support the efforts of partners who are. Our coordinated approach streamlines resources and ensures landowners and KCP partners have direct access to up-to-date stewardship information. We make this happen by offering Conservation Ambassador Training and an online Stewardship Solutions Toolkit—the ultimate one-stop shop for private land stewardship.

Local Government Support

Local governments play a key role in conserving private lands across the Kootenays. We work with local governments to incorporate and apply conservation principles into local land use planning. We are also actively working with local governments to explore the expansion of Local Conservation Funds.

Stewardship is just one of the ways we support conservation in the Kootenays. Learn about our role with land conservation.

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