Stewardship Solutions Toolkit

A one-stop shop of solutions to inspire stewardship action across the Kootenay region. 

Topics & Types

Discover valuable information on topics such as wildlife, species at risk, invasive species, water quantity and quality, forest and grassland ecology, fire interface management, habitat restoration.

Resources include:

  • Incentives
  • Tools
  • Learning Opportunities
  • Services
  • Funding for Stewardship
  • Activities

Designed for private landowners interested in stewardship options for their property, and as a resource for stewardship practitioners, local government planners, and other service providers—it’s the ultimate place for any phase of stewardship.

Resources By Neighbourhood

Using our conservation neighbourhood approach, this online toolkit features Kootenay-based resources that offer solutions for issues around private land stewardship.

How To Use

  • Look for conservation neighbourhood / click on area

  • Filter selection to choose category

Brief video explaining how to use the toolkit.

Photo credit: Lindy Lin

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