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Winter Webinar Recordings

2024 — Wildlife Corridors and Ecological Connectivity in partnership with the CMI CREDtalks season 8.

Webinar 7 – The trappings of success: the critical role of social carrying capacity in fostering long-term human-grizzly bear coexistence promoting safe and functioning wildlife corridors

Dr. Michelle McLellan’s main research interest is the studying population dynamics of recovering and threatened large mammal populations. Dr. Lana Ciarniello focuses on the interaction of humans and bears

2023 — Foundations of Resilience: Understanding departures from historical ecosystems and adapting for resilient futures in partnership with the Columbia Mountains Institute for Applied Ecology.

Cultural Burning

Fire was used by indigenous people over thousands of years; but, over the last approximately 100 years, Settlers and Colonial practices made it illegal to burn.

2022 — Building Restoration & Enhancement Projects that Make a Difference

2021 — From Alpine to Valley Bottom: Conserving Essential Habitats in the Kootenays

2020 — Biodiversity in the Kootenays

2019 — Conservation in the Context of Climate Change – Restoration in Action

2018 — Grassland to Wetlands: Connecting Diversity

2017 — Tools in the Toolbox for Private Land Conservation

2016 — Large Landscape Conservation

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