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Knowledge Sharing

Winter Webinar Series

Sharing technical knowledge our conservation community needs to become leaders and innovators in biodiversity conservation.

New Knowledge, Leading Science and Best Practices

For most of our partners, winter is the time to write reports, plan the upcoming field season, and—with the help of our winter webinar series—learn from one another.

This free online series facilitates the sharing of technical knowledge so that local conservation activities consider adopting the best available information and practices.

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The Latest Series

Our 2024 Winter Webinar Series theme was Wildlife Corridors and Ecological Connectivity.

From grizzly bear coexistence to wildlife crossings, fire management planning to landscape architecture—this 8-part series brought in a range of experts to share their knowledge, perspectives and experience with ecological connectivity.

Hosted in partnership with the Columbia Mountains Institute of Applied Ecology (CMI) as part of their CREDtalks.

Explore Past Webinars

We have an incredible vault of information to share. And it’s all available, all of the time.

Explore our library of recorded webinars, or visit the Winter Webinar Series playlist on our YouTube Channel.

Winter webinars are just one way we share the latest science across our partnership.

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